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Franz Wisner seemed to have it all—a great job as a lobbyist in Newport Beach, California, a beautiful house and a fianceé he was madly in love with. But just five days before their wedding, his fianceé called it off. "I was completely crushed," Franz says. "There was something inside of me that said 'reach out to your brother.' Kurt was the first person I called—and it was odd that I called him because we weren't really that close."

With his brother's moral support and with guests who had already planned to attend the wedding, Franz decided to have a party in lieu of a reception. Seventy-five friends and family members gathered over the weekend to prop up his spirits and help him through the tough time.

Franz thought he had made it through the worst of the situation—but when he returned to work the following Monday, he learned that he been demoted. Dumped, demoted and devastated, Franz didn't think it could get any worse until he remembered that his honeymoon tickets to Costa Rica were nonrefundable. "I said, 'Come on, Kurt, we're going on a honeymoon.' I assured him he wouldn't have to carry me over any thresholds."

Kurt says, "I told Franz, 'You have to cancel all the heart-shaped beds. You have to cancel all the roses. And we'll exchange champagne for beer.'"
FROM: How My Worst Moment Made Me a Star
Published on September 09, 2005