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While chatting with the audience, Oprah meets Ariana, a recent graduate who says she wants to be just like Oprah.

"That honors me, but you should never want to be like anybody else," Oprah says. "You should let my life serve as an example of the possibility for your own. You are going to be a better you than you can ever be trying to be me. ... I tell people that you have to live inside God's dream for you. There is a calling for your life."

Ariana also tells Oprah that she'd like to name her child Oprah. "No, don't," she says. "It's a hard name growing up. When I first started to work, people wanted me to change it. I'm glad I had sense enough not to do that. They wanted me to be Suzie, because Suzie's 'friendly.'"

Oprah says that her name comes from the Bible's Book of Ruth. In the Bible, Ruth's sister is named "Orpah," but when Oprah was born, her name was misspelled on the birth certificate. "It's a mistake, but it's worked out for me," she says.
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Published on June 02, 2006