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Melodie Chrisman and Cammie Borchers wanted to make sure their $2,000 was put to good use, so they got their entire community involved! After returning home to Kansas City, Missouri, Melodie and Cammie reached out to local news stations. Newscasters urged viewers to write in and tell these two friends how they should spend their money.

Before they knew it, they had hundreds of ideas to sort through! Melodie says that trying to pick a cause was "mind boggling."

"There's so many people out there saying, 'I worked for this cause. I'm on this committee. I worked with these people,'" Cammie says. "This is so exciting. It's amazing to see how many people are really doing a little bit [to help others]."

Finally, the friends decided to donate their money to the Individualized Creative Alternative Network (I-CAN), a local organization that helps severely handicapped individuals. Through I-CAN, disabled men and women learn new skills like baking and gardening. "The people here are capable people who happen to have disabilities," one staff member says.

"[This challenge] has really changed my life," Melodie says.


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