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High school students across the country shared how Night has helped them find strength in their own lives. Miles Campbell has been escaping into books since he was a little boy. Faced with homelessness and other hardships throughout his life, Miles and his mother now live in a hotel because of a recent eviction. "It wasn't my mom's fault," he says. "My mom works extremely hard, but she's a single parent. Most of my friends really don't know that I live in a hotel. I'm not embarrassed, but it's kind of tough. I don't want to be anybody's pity case."

Living in a hotel has distanced Miles from other students. It takes him almost two hours and two buses to get to school each day. Most kids in his situation might not make it to school, let alone into The National Scholars Honor Society.

Miles says it's his hardworking mother who inspires him. While she works late into the night waitressing triple shifts, Miles delves into books. One that has given him strength is Night.

"I've related to Night because I do feel like I'm a survivor," Miles says. "If [Elie Wiesel] can survive his hardship, I can survive mine. I would like Mr. Wiesel to know that his writing has made me want to be a better person."
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Published on May 25, 2006


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