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Demi Moore's family is anything but typical…but in the best possible way. When she and her husband, actor Bruce Willis, separated in 1998, they decided to commit themselves to keeping their family—which included daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah—close together.

"I think there was a simple thought that I had, which is, 'We are a family,'" Demi says. "Bruce and I are a family with our children, and we will always be a family. It is not in a traditional form anymore, but we are that. And so how do we make that work and be a family? How do we share what families like to share? How do we share Thanksgiving? And then how do we extend that to including other people?"

When Demi later married actor Ashton Kutcher—who is 16 years younger than her—Bruce was one of the guests invited to the ceremony. Ashton, Demi, Bruce and the girls even vacation together.

"I think the coming together is something that's not one big magical thing. It's been an evolution. It's been a combination of a healing process, but one that's really come, I think, from a place of love and particularly the love of the creation of our children."
FROM: Maria Shriver, Demi Moore, Vanessa Williams: A Mother's Day Special
Published on January 01, 2006


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