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Henry says the influence of Happy Days went beyond simple ratings points. When The Fonz said to Richie Cunningham, "Look at this, you're getting a library card for free, and you can meet chicks there," registration for library cards skyrocketed!

After that, Henry says Happy Days creator Garry Marshall started using The Fonz to help kids all over the country. "We did a show where The Fonz wore glasses," Henry says. "The Fonz cried over Richie in the hospital because a school for emotionally disturbed boys who loved The Fonz but would not show emotion, wouldn't cry."

Although TV shows today are very different, Henry doesn't think great family television is a thing of the past. "Life is a circle. And so I think it will come back to that," Henry says. "I don't think the audience wants cutting edge. I think they were so beaten to a pulp outside their home that they want to be entertained and taken care of when they sit down and watch the television."
FROM: Rocker Rick Springfield, TV Legends Henry Winkler and William Shatner
Published on February 26, 2008


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