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When Oprah walks out onto the stage at Harpo Studios every day, hundreds of people cheer and applaud. Now she wants to pass that amazing feeling on to people who deserve to be recognized for all they do to help others. "I'm doing something I've always wanted to do," Oprah says. "I say this all the time: 'I want to one day show up where people live and work to give them the same standing ovation that [the audience] just gave me.'"

The first cheer goes to Debbe Magnusen, a suburban mother who found her calling when she read an article about an abandoned baby found dead in her community. To help save other babies, Debbe founded Project Cuddle, a hotline for pregnant women in trouble who need help raising their babies or finding adoptive families.

In the 10 years since she started Project Cuddle at her kitchen table, Debbe has helped save more than 570 lives! "I don't think she has any idea how many lives she has changed permanently for the better," says Elizabeth, an adoptive mother that Debbe has helped. "She is here for a reason. She is an absolute gift."
FROM: A Cheers to You Extravaganza!
Published on January 01, 2006


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