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It's been 18 months since Jenny had any plastic surgery procedures. But just a week before this show, Jenny says she couldn't fight her demons anymore. She decided to get a series of Botox treatments and shots in her nose to reduce scar tissue—bringing the total number of plastic surgeries she's undergone to 28.

A major concern of Jenny's is her nose. Jenny already has trouble breathing through her nose because of previous surgeries. What Jenny didn't expect was for her doctor to tell her that she would no longer be able to receive plastic surgery on her nose—there would be too great of a risk of her nose collapsing. Jenny broke down crying at the news. Now, she is trying to face the music.

"I can continue to get a series of shots that will reduce the scar tissue," Jenny says. "But knowing that I can't get another nose job was the end of the line for me. This is it. I have to decide, which I have, to live with the nose that I have on my face, as it is right now, forever."

Despite being 28 years old and having 28 plastic surgeries, Jenny believes her case of BDD is not as serious as Taryn's or Jesse's.

"Their situation is clearly very worse than mine, and very different than mine. … To hear their stories, [how they're not able to] function, was another level from where I am. I think I'm in a different situation. I recognize it, I'm not in denial. I'm getting help for it. "
FROM: Too Ugly to Live
Published on September 14, 2005


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