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For the first time, Oprah is talking about the much-reported incident at Hermès in Paris. "Just about 100 percent of everything you read was flat out wrong," Oprah says. "Shame on anybody for thinking that I was upset for not being able to get in to a closed store and buy a purse—please. I didn't get to be this old to be that stupid. I was not upset about not getting to buy a bag—I was upset because one person at the store was so rude—not the whole company."

"… There were reports that I was turned away because the store was closed. The store was in the process of being closed—the store was very active. … The doors were not locked. My friends and I were standing inside the doorway, and there was much discussion among the staff about whether or not to let me in. That's what was embarrassing. … I know the difference between a store being closed and a store being closed to me."

"Everybody's who has ever been snubbed because you were not chic enough or thin enough or the right class or the right color or whatever—I don't know what it was—you know that it is very humiliating."
FROM: Oprah's 20th Anniversary Season Premiere
Published on September 19, 2005


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