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Eva and Tony first met after a Spurs game, when she and her dad were invited back to the team's pressroom to meet the players. Eva had spent a summer in Paris, and says she was instantly attracted to Tony's French accent. The two hit it off, and Tony asked Eva and her father to join him for dinner.

The whole time, Eva says Tony didn't realize "who" he was chatting with until the next day at brunch: "He was the last person on earth who hadn't seen Desperate Housewives!" Eva has since brought Tony up to speed on her TV show, as well as schooling him on all things Oprah. "We have the 20th Anniversary DVD," Eva explains. "We watched all six in a row!"

Tony also comments on their mutual love for their families. "I really thought she was very beautiful inside and had a good heart," Tony says. "She's very family oriented, and me...I love my family and my friends. ... She's the same way."
FROM: "Desperate House" Makeovers with Eva Longoria
Published on February 06, 2006