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In April 1997, experienced outdoorsman Warren Macdonald was exploring Hinchinbrook Island, an uninhabited paradise located off the coast of Australia, when he met Geert van Keulen, another solo hiker. Together they decided to climb the island's rugged, challenging mountain, Mount Bowen.

After five hours of hiking and with daylight dwindling, the two decided to set up their camp. Later that evening, Warren left the campsite in search for a place to use the bathroom. Suddenly, a granite boulder weighing 2,000 pounds broke loose and fell, pinning Warren's legs.

Hearing his hiking mate's screams, Geert rushed to help. He tried for four hours to push and pry the boulder free, but it would not budge. It then started pouring down rain, filling the dry riverbed up to Warren's hips. He knew before long the water could go over his head. "If I thought I was in trouble before, now I'm really in trouble," says Warren.
FROM: Stabbed by His Father: An 8-Year-Old's Chilling 911 Call
Published on May 19, 2006


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