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The Moment You Get Off the Stage
In its last of nine seasons in 1998, Seinfeld was one of the most popular shows on television. It was a certified cultural phenomenon—the subject of many water-cooler discussions. Its humor even worked its way into our daily vocabulary with catchphrases such as "yada yada yada," "no soup for you," "sponge-worthy" and "master of your domain." But at the height of its power and reach, they pulled the plug. The final episode was a greeted with tributes and retrospectives, and was seen by 76 million people.

So, why end it then?

Jerry: It's from years and years of being on stage as a comedian. I'll get on stage and I'll do an hour, or an hour and 10, or 50 minutes or something. But there's that moment when you're on stage, when you just feel—and you learn it. It takes years to learn that this is the moment. And you just get off stage then. … Another five minutes can bring [the audience] to a completely different place. Just like a little too much food, you know what I mean? You can have this great meal…

Oprah: Like two bites too many.

Jerry: Two bites. And how was the food? "It was okay. I ate too much." You don't feel as good.
FROM: Exclusive: The Cast of Seinfeld Reunites
Published on November 29, 2004


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