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Michelle was a typical 35-year-old soccer mom who had never done an illegal drug in her life. Three years ago, she was living the American dream with her successful husband and their son. She even taught Bible study classes in her established suburban neighborhood.

Michelle says that, after 14 years of marriage, her relationship with her husband began to change. The couple lacked intimacy, and Michelle says she began having an affair. Her new boyfriend introduced her to crystal meth. "I had no idea what meth was," Michelle says. "I'd never seen it. Never used it. I thought, 'Oh, I'll just do this recreationally whenever someone has it...but I was instantly hooked."

Soon, Michelle says, she felt the need to use the drug every day, and it quickly began consuming her life. Michelle kept her addiction a secret, but not her affair. Still, she rejected her husband's plea to work things out and, she says, even stopped caring about her son. Eventually, her marriage was over, and she lost her job as the gnawing addiction worsened.

"All I cared about was my drug," Michelle says. "I had no sense of being. I had no sense of caring. I had no sense of emotions. I had nothing."
FROM: The 17-Year-Old Meth Addict: Did She Quit?
Published on November 28, 2005


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