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Bernard LaChance's Surprise
Using his entire savings, French Canadian singer Bernard LaChance decided to rent out the historic Chicago Theatre to make his American debut. All he wanted was two special guests in his audience: Oprah and Gayle. To get their attention, he posted a YouTube video telling Oprah and Gayle he had two seats saved for them. They heard his invitation loud and clear!

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Gayle told Bernard that Oprah would be out of the country the day of his show. "Because she can't come to your concert, she would like to know if you would come on The Oprah Winfrey Show and make your American debut?" Gayle asked.

The night before Gayle surprised him, Bernard said he had all but given up. "I was crying in my room that night, and you showed up the next day," he said. After getting the chance to perform on Oprah's stage, he had renewed hope. "I just saw those 15 years of working paid off," he said.
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Published on May 05, 2011