Neal Slavin and the Liberian adopted boys

Photographer Neal Slavin sets up the shot. Behind him in the red and blue shirts are the Liberian orphans who have now been adopted by local Matthews, North Carolina-area families.

Neal Slavin and his assistant on a crane to figure out how high off the ground the camera would need to be for the big shot (it turns out only 11 feet). Neal used a Linhof Master Technika that is ideal for wide angle shots.
FooD Vendor

Free food and drinks were provided by local area vendors for the citizens and families who showed up for the shoot.
Pink bracelets for sale

A local dance company sold these pink bracelets to benefit the orphanage in Liberia where their new friends and family members had once lived.
James, a recent adoptee

James, a recent adoptee, was a little shy at first.
Neal Slavin

Neal gives a shout out to the crowd to let them know how much longer until he'll take the big photo. The call time for the photo was at 1:30, but the actual picture wasn't taken until 4:00. Luckily, there was food and entertainment to keep everyone occupied.
The final shot shows off the beautiful people of Matthews

Hallelujah! The final shot shows off the beautiful people of Matthews. One, big, happy and loving family.


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