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Before tackling David and Greer's debt, Suze shifts focus to something more important—their relationship. She asks them to write down five things that aren't working in their marriage. After looking them over, they realize their lists are almost identical.

Money isn't their main problem, after all. "The number one thing that they're really asking for is communication with each other and more time alone," Suze says. "Here's what breaks my heart about this—[Greer is] ready to go out the door. [She's] known this man for 16 years. They have two children. ... And because of money, you're going to get divorced? It's not the money. It's never been the money. It's how you relate to each other, how you talk to one another."

To save their marriage, Suze says David and Greer need to start thinking like a couple. "How do you expect to be together when everything except what you buy is separate?" she asks. "They have two cars. They have two dogs. They have two houses. ... They have two of everything. You're not one with each other. That's the problem, and it's coming out in your money and, therefore, your marriage."

Greer says she's willing to do anything to keep her family together. "It is time that we come together," she says. "I want to do it for myself. I want to do it for [David] and, most importantly, I want to do it for our kids."
FROM: What Happened to the Mom Who Shopped Her Family Broke?
Published on March 14, 2008


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