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Another participant in Marcus's workshop is Beth, who works with her husband at the engineering firm they own. Beth's main responsibility is accounting—a job she loathes. "It really was my weakness. And my husband, he took my weakest area and made it my number one responsibility." Beth's worst nightmare is making a major accounting mistake that affects the well-being of her family and the families of their employees.

In her first coaching session with Marcus, Beth says her own personal failed history with finances paralyzes her with fear—but telling her husband she doesn't want to do it anymore scares her more. "The business and the marriage are so tightly tied, how do I get out of one and preserve the other?"

Marcus says Beth is making a serious mistake. "The mistake that you've made is trying to take on as much as you can so that you take care of everybody around you," he says. "It's going to break you, and you're going to have another failed marriage on your hands."

There's only one thing Beth can do, Marcus says. "You need to sit down and talk to [your husband] and change your job. You need to be able to go and say to him, 'This is what I need for us to be strong as a business and strong as a family.'"


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