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Start with Your Wardrobe
David Weinrot, chief marketing officer at the coupon code site Tada!, says apparel is the top category for sitewide coupon codes (flowers and home goods are big, too), since there's so much inventory and retailers constantly need to make room for new items. Clothing is also where you'll find the biggest discounts, says Daniel Washburn, general manager of another coupon-code site, Coupon Mountain. While some sites broadcast a "25% off today only!" coupon code at the top of their home page, more use coupon sites (which get a commission of about 5 percent when you click on a code) to get the word out. There are a couple of tricks to finding these money-saving treasures, aside from searching for a store name with a term like "coupon" or "coupon code," says Sarah Jones, coupon editor at For clothing, she searches the brand name and style name (e.g., "Michael Kors Chain Lace-Up Shirtdress") plus the word "coupon." Then she searches for coupons for stores that sell the item, to see what they are currently offering. The idea is to do a mix of general and specific searches to see what comes up.


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