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Motivated by Martha's positive attitude, Nate dives into the job of utilizing every inch of her 250 square feet. For two weeks, Nate and his team cram into Martha's apartment and work furiously—navigating the co-op's time restrictions and the constricted space. Finally the time has come for Martha to see her new apartment!

Watch Watch as Martha sees her new apartment for the first time!

"Oh my goodness!" Martha screams. "Thank you so much. It's so fabulous!" Martha's new home is fit for royalty, with a tented ceiling and wall-to-wall floral curtains in Martha's favorite colors. A chandelier makes the main room feel "regal," Martha says.

Nate had custom floor-to-ceiling closets made for Martha by Lowe's Closetmaid System, so all of Martha's belongings have their own place. And, no more trundle-bed library for Martha—her books sit on brand-new bookshelves.

To add to the "lady's boudoir" feel, Nate added a vanity. "I wanted you to have a place where you could sit down like a princess and put your makeup on and get ready for an evening out," Nate says. And for an evening in, the two new chairs Nate added will make it easier to entertain guests.
FROM: Nate's Small Space Miracle
Published on January 01, 2006