Good Works Makeover
The best description of this Good Works Makeover challenge—turning a boxy, characterless office into a kid-friendly activity room—resides in the recipient organization's motto. "Bringing Sunshine to a Cloudy Day" is the tagline of Project Sunshine, a volunteer-driven program that provides support to children with medical issues ranging from broken legs

Tell Us About Your Good Works
O at Home would like to salute the men and women across America who volunteer their time to refurbish, renovate and redecorate offices, conference rooms, play areas and charitable organizations that could not afford to upgrade facilities on their own. Submit your stories and photos!

Good Works Makeover
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Special Thanks
Project Sunshine, O at Home and Elaine Griffin are grateful to our contributors: Bean Bag Blitz, Bombay Kids, Crayola, Foreside, Thomas Heaphy, Ikea, I-Level, Lamps Plus, Lowe's, New York Blackboard of NJ Inc., Glenn and Austin Palmer-Smith, Scholastic, Spiegel, Taylormade Contractors, Toys "R" Us, Sharlee Jeter for the Turn 2 Foundation and WallCandy Arts.

Elaine Griffin makes miracles.


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