Nate Berkus
Margaret Russell has been the editor in chief of Elle Décor magazine since 2000, and most recently served as a judge on Bravo's reality TV show Top Design. Nate talks with Margaret about her work with the magazine and her book So Chic: Glamorous Lives, Stylish Spaces.

Margaret says celebrity homes are some of her favorite spaces and the focus of her book So Chic. Margaret says she loved visiting Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's home in the Hamptons—a beach house designed with a mix of high- and low-end décor. "I think the place reflects them and their family and how they live," she says.

As for her work with the magazine, Margaret says it isn't difficult to find rooms and homes to showcase, thanks to her many contacts and social circles. "The best houses in the magazine—and the ones that end up in the book—are probably coming from cocktail party conversations," she says.

While Margaret says there is no real formula for choosing the designs she features in the magazine, they all have one element in common: "I love showing rooms … that you really want to be in." The magazine's most popular cover was a summery shot of an all-American home, Margaret says. "It was actually the house that inspired the sets for the movie Something's Gotta Give."
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