Nate Berkus
Best known for his unique photography technique, Chicago artist/photographer Doug Fogelson's work is featured in art galleries and homes around the country. Nate talks with Doug about the special work he creates by manipulating his camera.

Doug says his focus as a photographer has been on a self-devised technique that involves taking a series of photographs without advancing the film all the way. He says that his work, in essence, extends a moment in time. "It looks like bands of photographs that have been somehow collaged over each other on the computer, but they are not collaged on the computer," he says. "It is a performance almost." Doug says there are typically 20 different shots in a final composition. His subjects often include water, leaves, clouds and people walking in intersections.

In his newest book, Graffitecture: Chicago Graffiti Artists Attack Photographic Spaces, Doug turns the tables and enlists others to create art based on his photographs. The book features Doug's architectural photographs which have been manipulated by graffiti artists, who use anything from paint to nail polish to create unique designs on the pictures. "We really wanted to give them some high-end and nontraditional interior places to play with their craft," he says. "They are so talented these guys, it's unbelievable."

Manipulating the surface of his photographs and constantly innovating new ways to showcase his work is something that Doug says he enjoys and will continue throughout his career. "You kind of want to touch the medium in some way—you want to have a human touch to the medium," Doug says.
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