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A series of errors led to the overdose that left little Thomas and Zoe fighting for their lives. First, a pharmacy technician made a mistake and put larger-dose bottles of Heparin in the same bin with the smaller-dose bottles.

Then, the nurse caring for the Quaid babies grabbed a bottle out of the bin without checking the label. The 10,000-unit and 10-unit bottles are similar in color, and some say it's difficult to tell them apart.

Dennis says nurses across the country have made the same mistake. "A very similar incident killed three infants in Indianapolis a year before that," he says. "Even after our incident, two other fraternal twins in Texas, in Corpus Christi, died last summer because of this."

Most people—including parents—don't question nurses and medical technicians enough, Dr. Oz says. In fact, Dennis claims his twins' first overdose occurred while he and Kimberly were in the hospital room. "The nurse came in to change the medication, and we were there," he says. "At the time, we weren't really informed."
FROM: Medical Mistakes: Dr. Oz Talks to Actor Dennis Quaid
Published on June 10, 2009


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