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Dr. Irwin is worried Peggy has basal cell or squamous cell skin cancer. "I think your skin is telling you that it's in distress," she tells her. "And you're starting to develop some early changes, possibly skin cancers, in your skin."

When the tests come back, they are negativeall of the tumors are benign. But with the way she has treated her skin for so many years, Dr. Oz says Peggy is very lucky. "It's not because you planned it to be that way," he says.

Dr. Oz says learning the proper way to screen for skin cancer can literally save a life. "And here's the fun part. You've got to get completely naked. It's fun to do it in pairs. Get a nice Chianti. And then you've got to get a camera out," he says. "And the reason to get the camera out is when you find things, skin things, to take pictures of, you've got to snap them. And put a dime next to them or some piece of coinage so you can see how big it wasthe key for [your dermatologist] to find out what they are."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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