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Pack Fun School Lunches and Snacks
Wraps and salads, such as the Choppy-Choppy Salad with Rockin' Ranch Dressing, are big hits with kids and make for fun packed lunches—but don't forget the snacks! Tracey and Tanya say you should pack at least two snacks for your child to have while at school. "You want to give them something they can eat at 10 in the morning and 3 p.m. when they are done and about to go to soccer practice or music," Tanya says. "It is important for them to have a high-energy snack, which doesn't mean high-sugar. It means fiber and something with protein and complex carbohydrates. Extreme Granola is a perfect example, they say.

Another good option is homemade Golden Garlic Hummus served with fresh veggies and whole wheat pitas. Treats like Ultimate Oatmeal Cookies and Mini-Whoopee Pies are delicious childhood favorites, made with wholesome ingredients and can be enjoyed in moderation, Tracey and Tanya say.
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