Party in a Small Space
If you think your place is too small for entertaining, it's time to break out the punch bowl! Party pros Michele Adams and Gia Russo, authors of At Home with Friends, show you how to have fun in the tightest of circumstances.

Entertaining in a Small Space
  • Start by clearing the clutter from the room.
  • Tuck your kitchen appliances away in cabinets, or think up creative ways to hide them.
  • Push back or remove furniture from the room to provide more floor space for your guests.
  • Use a coffee table or other low table for dining.
  • Throw pillows are a great seating solution when you're short on chairs.
  • Utilize your bedroom by pushing the bed up against the wall, covering it with fabric, and adding some pillows. Instant seating!
  • Limit your color scheme to two or three colors that look good together.
  • Keep your menu simple—this is not the time for elaborate menus.
  • Serving food buffet-style is easy for you and your guests—no fussy place settings!


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