As a teacher in the 21st century, Jae Goodwin is a firm believer in the fact that learning can no longer be passive.

"Gone are the days where learning happens while students are seated in desks in rows," she says. "Learning in the 21st century must be expanded beyond the classroom: Visual learners can watch videos and see pictures with just one keystroke, auditory learners can access podcasts, kinesthetic learners can be up at an interactive whiteboard or creating a movie."

Jae also believes that incorporating these types of innovations in the classroom can help transform the learning and teaching in our entire nation. "To be successful with the digital citizens of today, we must meet them where they are, we must tune in to the world they live in," she says. She also emphasizes the importance of creating a community in her classroom.

"My students know that everyone in our class is a valuable member with no exceptions," she says. "Our classroom is known as Community 27. This is purposeful; we are not just a room but a community of learners."


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