Our nation is full of dedicated, talented and generous teachers who help our children learn much more than what's in their textbooks. They offer guidance, build confidence, ignite passions and inspire greatness—all on top of ensuring that each and every student gets a top-notch education.

The Council of Chief State School Officers recognizes the standout educators across the country with their Teacher of the Year awards. Several of the teachers who were honored in 2010 are stepping forward to share what they've learned from their mentors, their students and themselves.

National Teacher of the Year: Sarah Wessling
"Motivating our students means knowing our students."

Arizona Teacher of the Year: Joy Weiss
"Being passionate about everything you're teaching and being real with your students are the top two motivations that our students need."

Massachusetts Teacher of the Year: Jae Goodwin
"Learning in the 21st century must be expanded beyond the classroom."

Nebraska Teacher of the Year: Michael Fryda
"Students respect teachers that challenge the 'easy way out' and expect nothing less than the best."

Florida Teacher of the Year: Megan Allen
"School is the rock in many of our students' lives—it is their stability, their home away from home, their safe place."

Alabama Teacher of the Year: Yung Kincer
"Too many students think that going to school is just a way to get a job. It's about much more than that."

Washington, D.C., Teacher of the Year: Stephanie Day
"When we do our jobs, our kids have no limits to their potential."

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