Jamie and Tracey

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Tracey and Jamie also desperately want to be parents. For two years they say they've tried to conceive the old-fashioned way, but they haven't had any luck. Now, they're trying in vitro fertilization treatments.

To afford the costly procedure, Tracey says they had to take out a home equity loan on their condo. Their first in vitro treatment takes place in two weeks, and Jamie's ready to do his part. He even took an injection class so he can give Tracey her fertility shots.

"[The doctors] told me I could do it myself, but I'm going to need him to do it," Tracey says. "He's gotten me through this entire process, and I just know that he'll be able to get me through those injections."

Since Tracey is just 34 years old, she says her doctors are optimistic about her chances. "All my doctors have told me, 'Oh, you're still young and you're healthy, you're an athlete, you'll have no problems," she says.

Alexis says being healthy has nothing to do with being able to get pregnant. She advises all women to get fertility tests...even if they're still in their 20s. "Check your FSH [follicle stimulating hormone] level and look at your ovaries," Alexis says. "See how many eggs you produce, and then you know what stage you're at. You know if you should think about it now, or if you can wait five years."