How often do you think about the road ahead? Award-winning writer, speaker and "futurist" David Houle introduces his expertise, giving us a reason to contemplate what's in store for our lives.
Many times, when I am introduced as a futurist, it is the first time that people have met one. So I am often asked: "What does that mean?" Or, "What do you do?" Well, I define what I do as being a catalyst to get people to think about the future and, hopefully, to facilitate a conversation about the future.

I have asked hundreds of people what they think about the future, and the answers can predictably fall within three general groupings:

  • The answer is totally personal. They talk all about their plans for work, family and personal interests: "Oh, you mean my plans, well…"
  • The answer is totally negative. Everything is bad and getting worse. "The future looks dark and uncomfortable. Recession. Climate change. We are leaving the world a worse place than our parents left us…"
  • There is no answer. "Uh, I guess I really don't think about the future. I am so caught up with my work, my family, my friends and relationships and all that I have to do I just don't think much about the future."
You most likely fit into one of these categories.

If you fit into group number one, I want to show you that the future is about much more than your personal plans. In fact, the rapidly approaching future will most likely affect your life in a dramatic fashion. I find it exhilarating to lift people up from the context of day-to-day life and provide a glimpse of the dynamic forces that will reshape their lives. People usually start to look at various aspects of their lives quite differently.

If you fit into group number two, I want to show you that though times are tough for many of us, we might be facing a future that is incredibly bright and exciting with unimaginable opportunity.

If you are in group number three and don't think much or at all about the future, I hope to show you that taking a look into the future might actually be helpful.

Remember, the future is the only place you will live the rest of your life. Why not think about it and have a dialogue about it? I look forward to—and ask you to join me in—this conversation.

David Houle is an award-winning futurist and strategist who has launched successful brands and is an in-demand speaker about the future. He writes the popular futurist blog Evolution Shift and lives his life slightly ahead of the curve.

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