Oprah loves Chicago.
Is there a Chicagoan more famous than Oprah? Here are some of her most favorite places in the Windy City.
Harpo Studios
When she bought this studio space in 1988, she became just the third woman in the American entertainment industry—after Mary Pickford and Lucille Ball—to own her own studio.

Art Smith's Table Fifty-Two restaurant
Chef Art Smith filled Oprah's dinner table with delightful dishes for 10 years as her personal chef. Now, Art has fulfilled a lifelong dream with his restaurant Table Fifty-Two, located in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood.

Michigan Avenue
To celebrate the kickoff of her 24th season, Oprah took the party to the streets on Chicago's famous shopping destination.

Grant Park
When the American people elected Barack Obama in November 2008, the nation and world watched as hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans—including Oprah—filled Grant Park to celebrate.

What one of Chicago's most famous chefs loves about the city

Chef Rick Bayless
Rick Bayless is a James Beard Award–winning chef who specializes in modern Mexican cuisine. He owns three restaurants in Chicago—Frontera Grill, Topolobampo and the newly opened XOCO—and was the 2009 winner of Bravo network's Top Chef Masters.

What are your favorite Chicago restaurants? What are your favorite things to order on the menu?
I am a big fan of our neighborhood places. Chicago is a neighborhood town, so I tend to favor Bucktown spots because that is where I live: Hot Chocolate...you can't beat Mindy Segal's desserts—doughnuts, my favorite! We also go to Jane's a lot—love the burger. And of course Mirai Sushi.

What is your favorite thing to do on a free Saturday afternoon?
I love being outdoors when it is summer here—bike riding, gardening and even yoga in my backyard!

What's the one thing you would you tell someone who has never been to Chicago to do when visiting?
I would tell them to get out of downtown. Sure, there is the gorgeous Millennium Park, but after downtown, I would recommend getting into what Chicago really is—great food and spots off the Mag Mile. You should go to Maxwell Street Market—it is amazing and only on Sunday. Or go to Pilsen on 18th street and try out a carnitas taco at Don Pedro's. For shopping, hit Wicker Park and Bucktown—so many amazing shops!

How long have you lived in Chicago, and why do you love the city?
I consider Chicago my home. I was born in Oklahoma City, but I don't ever think of that as my home. I have lived here over 25 years and have loved every minute of it. Chicago is the best it has ever looked, and I am proud to call Chicago my city. Of course I want to share it with the world.

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz shares his hometown favorites

Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz
Pete Wentz is the bassist of the Grammy-nominated band Fall Out Boy. All four members of the pop-punk band grew up in the northern suburbs and often make references to their hometown in their music. Wentz now lives with his wife, singer/actress Ashley Simpson-Wentz, and their son, Bronx Mogli.
What do you love about Chicago?
I love everything about it. It's a true cultural melting pot. You can find food from any different culture, as well as music and art. For me, since I grew up in the suburbs (essentially "John-Hughes-land") it represented an escape. Whenever I see the skyline as I land on a plane, I feel safe and at home. I think it will always be like that for me.
What are your favorite restaurants in Chicago?
The 44th Ward Dinner Party, Blackbird and Pick Me Up Cafe.
What are your favorite bars and hangouts? Empire Liqours, Angels and Kings (the bar me and few friends own) and our clothing store, Clandestine—which is pretty much just a club house.
What is your favorite place to be on a Saturday afternoon?
Anywhere on Lake Michigan in the summer.

For someone who has never been to Chicago, what's the one thing you'd tell them to see?
It's a hard one to find, but if you go behind the aquarium at night you can stand right on the lake and see the dolphins swimming inside.

What Nate Berkus loves about Chicago

Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus is a design expert known for his inspirational home makeovers on The Oprah Show, his design for W Hotels and Barneys New York and his home product lines.
Why do you love Chicago?
I love Chicago for the completely un-self-conscious energy of everyone here. It's a great place to make strides!

What are your favorite Chicago restaurants?
Table Fifty-Two, RL and LeColonial.

What are your favorite Chicago bars or hangouts?
The underground, the bar at The Peninsula.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago on a free Saturday afternoon?
Visit all of the antiques malls on the North Side and lunch at Southport Grocery.

If someone has never been to Chicago, what's the one thing they should see?
The architectural river tour.

Bill Rancic's guide to Chicago

Bill Rancic
Bill Rancic won the first season of the reality television The Apprentice and currently stars in another reality television show, Giuliana & Bill, with his wife, E! News host Giuliana Rancic.
Why do you love Chicago?
I love Chicago for Lake Michigan and the great restaurants and all the culture.

What are your favorite Chicago restaurants?
I frequent Carmine's and Gibsons. The food is amazing, and they are right down the street from my house.

What are your favorite Chicago bars or hangouts?
Giuliana loves to go to the Pancake House for breakfast and hang out there while eating the omelets. We also frequent the smaller restaurants in Lincoln Park.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago on a free Saturday afternoon?
On a Saturday afternoon we run along the lakefront and through Lincoln Park Zoo. We also ride the motorcycle around the city. In the evening, I like to walk to Old Town to have a cigar.

If someone who has never been to Chicago, what's the one thing they should see?
Everyone visiting Chicago should go on the architectural boat tour, which showcases all the great architecture in Chicago.


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