Bill Rancic won the first season of the reality television The Apprentice and currently stars in another reality television show, Giuliana & Bill, with his wife, E! News host Giuliana Rancic.
Why do you love Chicago?
I love Chicago for Lake Michigan and the great restaurants and all the culture.

What are your favorite Chicago restaurants?
I frequent Carmine's and Gibsons. The food is amazing, and they are right down the street from my house.

What are your favorite Chicago bars or hangouts?
Giuliana loves to go to the Pancake House for breakfast and hang out there while eating the omelets. We also frequent the smaller restaurants in Lincoln Park.

What is your favorite thing to do in Chicago on a free Saturday afternoon?
On a Saturday afternoon we run along the lakefront and through Lincoln Park Zoo. We also ride the motorcycle around the city. In the evening, I like to walk to Old Town to have a cigar.

If someone who has never been to Chicago, what's the one thing they should see?
Everyone visiting Chicago should go on the architectural boat tour, which showcases all the great architecture in Chicago.


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