Pete Wentz is the bassist of the Grammy-nominated band Fall Out Boy. All four members of the pop-punk band grew up in the northern suburbs and often make references to their hometown in their music. Wentz now lives with his wife, singer/actress Ashley Simpson-Wentz, and their son, Bronx Mogli.
What do you love about Chicago?
I love everything about it. It's a true cultural melting pot. You can find food from any different culture, as well as music and art. For me, since I grew up in the suburbs (essentially "John-Hughes-land") it represented an escape. Whenever I see the skyline as I land on a plane, I feel safe and at home. I think it will always be like that for me.
What are your favorite restaurants in Chicago?
The 44th Ward Dinner Party, Blackbird and Pick Me Up Cafe.
What are your favorite bars and hangouts? Empire Liqours, Angels and Kings (the bar me and few friends own) and our clothing store, Clandestine—which is pretty much just a club house.
What is your favorite place to be on a Saturday afternoon?
Anywhere on Lake Michigan in the summer.

For someone who has never been to Chicago, what's the one thing you'd tell them to see?
It's a hard one to find, but if you go behind the aquarium at night you can stand right on the lake and see the dolphins swimming inside.

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