Catch a (Frozen) Wave

Another equally fast-paced alternative to skijoring is snow-kayaking. It's very simple. Instead of sliding down those hills packed with fresh snow in a sled or toboggan, grab your ocean or river kayak and let 'er rip!

The kayak works the same way as a sled, but the paddle allows for more control, especially when used as a rudder or as a means of carving into your turns. Snow kayakers wax their rigs just like surfboards for the fastest shot down the slopes, reaching speeds upward of 40 m.p.h. We'll let you come up with ingenious ways to heft your kayak up the hill before you whiz down it.

Don't ski? Don't let that stop your winter vacation plans

Because snow-kayaking is considered an "extreme" sport, hardly any ski resorts offer rentals. However, one of the best places for observing or competing in the sport is Monarch Mountain Resort, just off Highway 50 in Monarch, Colorado. The infamous Kayaks on Snow Boater X, featured annually at Monarch since 2006, is the resort's signature event. Competitors race down an obstacle course with jumps, bumps, berms and turns, just to be launched on the final slope into an icy pond. The event will next take place on April 3, 2010. If you're feeling that winter spirit or are encouraged by the $5,000 in prize money for winners, give Monarch a call to register in a number of snow kayak races at 800-996-7669 (ext. 5050).


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