Earthquakes, volcanoes...and now hurricane season is around the corner. Is it the end of the world? Probably not, but no matter what state the world is in, it pays to be prepared when you're on the road. Get insider help on buying travel insurance from Peter Greenberg.
Travel insurance is one of the things you hope you never need—but when you do need it, you'll be glad you have it. There is no magic number when the benefits of travel insurance outweigh the cost, but use common sense. Insure anything you can't afford to lose.

If you're visiting dear Aunt Myrtle in Wichita on a $400 ticket, you might want to skip it. But if you're booking a pricey trip, or one with a lot of moving parts, travel insurance can really save the day. Just talk to someone whose flight to a cruise port got delayed, or who got stranded by a hurricane, or lost his medication on the road, or realized that her passport and wallet had been stolen.

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For most travelers, insurance offers peace of mind. Before September 11, it was estimated that only 8 to 9 percent of leisure travelers in the United States purchased some type of travel insurance. Today it's more like 30 percent.

The most common type of travel insurance is for trip cancellation and interruption. The former is to protect your upfront financial investment should the trip be canceled; the latter is protection for emergencies and "what if" situations while traveling.


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