When you're having a vacation disaster, take it all in stride, says Catherine Price, who reports on her recent trip to Tokyo guided solely by the recommendations of strangers. "Most travel problems are just inconvenient and will be hilarious after the moment has passed. So picture your favorite people laughing at your misadventure."

Price was inspired to write her new book, 101 Places Not to See Before You Die (HarperCollins), by "people's obsessions with lists." She says the collection "aims to let people off the hook, so they don't feel like they need to traipse around the world checking off must-see destinations."

Price's Top 5 Avoid-At-All-Costs Destinations
1. Io, Jupiter's worst moon: "It's bathed in sulphuric fumes, and every night it gets so cold, the atmosphere collapses."

2. The world's skinniest building: "As anyone with a friend who is obsessed with her weight can attest, this is not that interesting."

3. Your boss's bedroom: "This does not count as team building."

4. Ibiza on a family vacation: "Thousands of sex-crazed partyers, plus your 5-year-old."

5. Times Square on New Year's Eve: "No food, no booze. Oh, and it's 15 degrees."

Catherine's Tokyo travels in pictures 


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