Since 1994, Tonya has faced many other challenges. From the release of a sex tape and drunken-driving arrest to charges of attacking her boyfriend with a hubcap, scandal seems to follow this figure skater.

If she could change the past, Tonya says she would have never married her first husband, Jeff, whom she claims was abusive. Tonya also wishes she'd had a better childhood. "I wish growing up I would have had a more stable life where my parents—I'm sure they tried the best they could—put me on the right path," she says.

When Tonya was 6 or 7 years old, she says her mother began physically and mentally abusing her. "She became very abusive [and was] drinking all day long," Tonya says. "Beating me, dragging me off the rink, hitting me with a hairbrush … right in front of everyone."

In response to her daughter's allegations. LaVona Golden, Tonya's mother, says she did hit Tonya once at a skating rink, but she also says she did the best she could as a mother.


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