Q: What do you think people will find surprising about the book?

A: Well, I'm not the best judge of that, but I talk about my feelings and I always complete my sentences—two things I'm told I haven't always done that well in the past.

Q: Is there any news in the book?

A: Again, I'm not the best judge. I've never discussed Vietnam, Lyndon Johnson and my brothers, Jack and Bobby, in this much depth. I think people may be intrigued about what I have to say about my 1980 presidential campaign—about all that led up to it and the long battle that had to be waged afterward for progressive principles. I've offered my perspectives on working with President Nixon, President Reagan, President Clinton and several Bushes. Believe it or not, I met the first President Bush's father—and the second President Bush's grandfather, Sen. Prescott Bush, when I was in law school. Then, when I first got to the Senate, I actually served briefly with him.


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