It began like any other day. On the morning of June 10, 1991, Jaycee Dugard left home and headed to the school bus stop. Her stepfather, Carl Probyn, watched as the blond fifth-grader hurried to catch her bus.

Then, in a flash, Carl found himself living every parent's worst nightmare.

A car came screeching to a halt near Jaycee's bus stop, and she was dragged, screaming, into the gray Ford.

The family immediately took action. Terry, Jaycee's mother, went on television to plead for her 11-year-old's life and safe return. They passed out flyers and canvassed the surrounding areas, but there was no sign of Jaycee.

For 18 years, Jaycee's loved ones searched for clues and prayed for a miracle. In August 2009, their prayers were finally answered.


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