Dr. Oz reports from New Orleans in 2005.
On August 29, 2005, the world watched as Hurricane Katrina swept ashore and wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast. Millions lost their homes, and more than 1,000 lost their lives.

In Louisiana, the storm flooded New Orleans, leading to confusion, chaos and medical emergencies. Dr. Oz traveled with The Oprah Show to the front lines, where he witnessed scenes he'll never forget.

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First, Dr. Oz went to the New Orleans International Airport, which was being used as a makeshift morgue and medical center. "I've been a doctor for 20 years. I've dealt with a lot of trauma. Nothing has prepared me for this," he said. "I had always thought that I would do Third World care. I just never thought I'd be practicing in a tent in my own country."

Dr. Oz cares for a baby outside the New Orleans convention center.
After leaving the airport, Dr. Oz went to the New Orleans convention center. There, thousands of men, women and children gathered in hopes of being evacuated.

In the midst of the chaos, Dr. Oz saw a baby boy in desperate need of medical attention. "I realized if we didn't get any food into this kid quickly, we were going to have a problem," Dr. Oz says.

The baby's heart was beating almost 200 beats per minute, which meant he needed fluid...fast. Dr. Oz gave the little boy a bottle of a sugary drink to resuscitate him. "To me, that was representative of what this whole story was about. They didn't need much. They didn't want a handout," he says. "They wanted a hand up, and this child's plight epitomized that for me."
Dr. Oz on searching for the baby boy he helped save
Since that day, Dr. Oz says he's been searching for the little boy who touched his heart, but without a name or phone number, he hasn't had any leads.

"I'll tell you, being able to kiss that child was one of the most healing things for myself that I've ever done," he says. "Just to hold that life in your hands and realize you actually can push one more past the threshold."

Dr. Oz may not know it, but the search is over!
Dr. Oz hugs Stanley, a hurricane survivor.
After a lengthy search, Oprah tells Dr. Oz that one of her producers managed to track down the little boy and his aunt. "You've got to be kidding me!" Dr. Oz says.

The little boy's name is Stanley, and he's now 3 1/2 years old. "Oh, my goodness," Dr. Oz says. "I looked for you guys."

Ynetha, Stanley's aunt, says Oprah Show producers tracked them down by talking to people who were standing near them in 2005. "That's amazing," Oprah says.

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