Unfortunately, Prudence's story is a common one. "In World War I, there were more women who died in childbirth than men killed in the war," Sheryl says. "Even now, every minute a woman dies from pregnancy and labor. That's the equivalent of five jumbo jets of women dying every day."

Even more tragic is the fact that the surviving children of mothers who die in childbirth may not live for long. "When a mother dies like that, then children are more likely to die as well," Nicholas says. "It's completely unnecessary that that mother of three died."

Keeping families healthy around the world isn't an impossible mission. In fact, it only costs a few dollars. "In the country of Niger, I saw a case just like Prudence's—only the woman lived. She lived because of a $42 birthing kit that Columbia University provided," he says. "One of the dangers is that we can sometimes focus on all the bad things, and it seems depressing and we tune it out, but there is a lot of progress, a lot of potential to really bring about change."

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