What can you do to avoid BPA in your and your kids' diet?
  • Most manufacturers are now making clear bottles with TRITAN, a BPA-free copolyester. When people say "it's new, what dangers will it turn out to have?" remember that BPA was developed as a synthetic estrogen. I don't know what genius thought that this might be a good thing to put into little boys, but that is the problem, not that it was plastic. Klean Kanteen and others also offer stainless steel bottles that do not have any liners. See Treehugger's list of alternatives here. 

  • Carry a cup and drink tap water instead of carrying a bottle.

  • Avoid foods that come packed in cans lined with epoxy, particularly baby foods and formula. Even bottled baby food comes with lids lined with epoxy and have tested positive for BPA.

  • At the office, get rid of the water cooler with its big polycarbonate jug and get a good water filter instead.


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