The ongoing murder investigation has led to eight arrests, but Ashley is still searching for answers. She says she asks herself every day why someone would want to kill her parents. "They were good people," she says. "They did wonderful things."

Sheriff David Morgan, the man leading the Billingses' murder investigation, says the killers' motive was money. "It was a robbery," he says. "We believe that they garnered some information through business contacts that they thought possibly that, sadly, the Billings family would be a good family to rob because Mr. Billings was a very successful businessman in town."

There is also speculation that the suspects in custody may have connections to the Mexican mafia. "We have not taken anything off the table," Sheriff Morgan says.

One thing Sheriff Morgan says he does know for sure is Melanie and Bud are not, nor will they ever be, the subject of an investigation involving their murders. "[Mr. Billings] had the misfortune, I repeat, the misfortune, of doing some business with some people that were very bad," Sheriff Morgan says.

To date, all eight suspects have pleaded not guilty, but Sheriff Morgan says they have an excellent case against these individuals. "We're also building information on some additional suspects," he says.


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