He wades into a rushing river and emerges with a live salmon in his grasp. As he crouches by the bank and takes his first bite, Bear discusses his love of fresh sushi. See, this Bear is no animal. He's the daring host of the Discovery Channel's hit show Man vs. Wild.

Soon after Edward Grylls was born in 1974, his family nicknamed him Teddy, which he says eventually evolved into Bear. This adventurous Brit says he was always playing outside as a boy, climbing things and getting caked in mud.

As a young adult, Bear honed his survival skills as a member of the British Special Forces. Then, at age 23, he became the youngest Brit to climb to the summit of Mount Everest and survive.

Bear says no adventure is too extreme, as evidenced by his experiences on Man vs. Wild. In each episode, he's dropped into some of the world's most unforgiving regions with little more than a canteen of water, the clothes on his back and a cameraman. His goal? Fight his way back to civilization.


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