Locals in Colonial Williamsburg

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Colonial Williamsburg
Travel back in time to the 1770s when you visit this historic district of Williamsburg, Virginia. Leave your TVs and iPods behind while you chat with historical re-enactors who talk, dress and work as they would have in the days of the American Revolution.

To Do: Meet George Washington or Thomas Jefferson when you visit Revolutionary City, an interactive street theater that combines short skits with streetwide events. You'll be a part of the action—be it the collapse of the royal government or the creation of a nation.

To See: Political buildings and colonial homes make for fascinating sightseeing. Highlights include the printing office and bindery, the blacksmith and the governor's palace.

To Eat: Dine at a restored 18th-century tavern. The wait staff wears the clothing of the time period, and you can eat old-school dishes like Welsh Rarebit and Pottage Pye (for pickier eaters, the taverns offer some more modern fare).

To Stay: Spend the summer nights in a colonial house, each of which has its own unique history and furniture of the era.

For more information, visit Colonial Williamsburg's official website.