What better time than the first days of spring to start Elizabeth Rogers' Shift Your Habit, a new way of thinking that leads to both saving money and living consciously? It's about transformation. It's about your life and making it better. It's about changes that can have an impact on you, your family, your friends and the world you live in.
Spring marks a season of new beginnings. Leaves reappear on the trees, the sun stays out longer, the weather gets warmer and there is renewed motivation to make some positive changes before summer arrives. Whether you're planning to spend a few days or weeks doing spring-cleaning or are looking for a way to get a little extra sunlight and fresh air, Shift Your Habit can help you make a few small changes that could help you save big and live better.

Sun In—Save $90
If you have ample daylight coming in through the windows, open the drapes, turn off the inside lights and let the sun illuminate your home. You could save up to $90 or more per year on your energy bill by turning off just five 60-watt bulbs for eight hours each day.

Studies have shown that working in natural light improves comfort level and mood, making people more productive. Substantial research has also found a relation between artificial lighting—or lack of natural light—and a range of problems including depression, increased stress, headaches, afternoon tiredness, sleep disturbances and concentration and learning difficulties.


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