While there was much publicity surrounding his political career, Sen. Kennedy's personal life also spent plenty of time in the spotlight. In 1981, a year after his presidential campaign, Sen. Kennedy and his wife of 23 years, Joan, filed for divorce.

Years later, another family tragedy put the Kennedys in the news. Sen. Kennedy's nephew, John F. Kennedy Jr., was piloting a flight from Essex County Airport in New Jersey to Martha's Vineyard Airport when the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. John died in the crash, as did his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette.

Ted says his father always took the helm in times of family crisis.

"The fact that he was there to take care of everything was an incredible relief to us," Ted says. "He instantly took on the situation, whatever it was. Whether it was John's death or whatever situation was facing our family, he was in the director's chair and he really helped all of us emotionally and logistically."


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