The point made in so many ways is that everyone can do something—at home, at school, at work. What's important is creating a new paradigm and a new consciousness. If you often take home a doggie bag from a restaurant, could you bring a container so you avoid using Styrofoam? Can you think twice about disposable anything, from razors to cameras? (Or at least buy rolls of film with 36 shots rather than 12 to reduce packaging?) Might you consider a return to handkerchiefs rather than tissues? Or wrapping gifts with pages from magazines? And Matthew gives an eco seal of approval to a much-maligned practice: "I have absolutely no problem with regifting," he says with a grin. If ever there was a global issue that requires all of our brains and hearts, it is this one. We are in it together, for better or for worse, for the future.


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