Ten years ago, Patty wrote a letter to Jacob's captor. "I couldn't think of the abductor as a mean old man," she says. "I had had to think of him as a child. At one point he was 11."

Patty writes: "I wonder, were you ever like Jacob? Did you also love peanut butter? Did you sneeze when you looked at the sun? Did you play jokes on April Fool's Day? Jacob's not just a kid on a poster. His mom, dad,[and siblings] Amy, Carmen and Trevor miss him daily. He has dreams and hopes and potential."

The common bond between all abducted children is their potential, Patty says. "They deserve a chance. They deserve to come home," she says. "I just want Jacob to know that we love him. We never, ever gave up. We'll never quit searching, ever."


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