Patty Wetterling is another mother who has suffered a child abduction. Twenty years ago, her 11-year-old son Jacob was kidnapped at gunpoint half a mile away from their home and never seen again. Since Jacob's disappearance, Patty has become a true mother warrior. In 1994, she helped create the Jacob Wetterling Act, which requires sex offenders to register once they get out of prison.

Jaycee Dugard's rescue is another in a series of great saves, Patty says. "We need people to care and step forward. Trust your instincts," she says. "If you see something unusual, call the police. Our hope every day is that people don't stop giving up just because it's been a long time."

Though it's been two decades since Jacob was taken, Patty says she holds out hope he will return. "I do think there's a very, very strong possibility that Jacob's still alive," she says. "We have no proof to show that he's not."


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